Pine Road Drama Club

Our musical for the 20-21 school year is

"Super happy awesome news!"

a completly virtual show!

Director: Mrs. Leah Abramson

Musical Director: Mrs. Hillary Eisenman

general information about Drama club 20-21:

The virtual performance will be released in June 2021.


  • Anyone who joins drama club will get a part in the show. Auditions are only to help the directors cast the parts (figure out who get's to do what in the show).

  • Initial auditions will be done via flipgrid videos and will not be due until January 2021. More information regarding this will be in the google classroom.

  • Call-backs (second auditions) will be held via google meet on a Wednesday before or after school.

Drama Club Google Classroom:

  • All drama club participants should add the drama club google classroom, "Super Happy Awesome News!".

  • The code to join the classroom is odiweo5 .

  • If a student who joins drama club is unable to add the google classroom, Mrs. Abramson and Mrs. Eisenman will invite them.


  • Rehearsals will be via google meet on Wednesdays, either before school at 8:15 AM or after school at 3:30 PM.

  • Google meet rehearsals will start in mid-January 2021.

Once your child is cast in the show, you will receive a Drama Club Contract with more details. Please make sure both you and your child sign the contract, and return it back to Mrs. Abramson.

Cast List:

Rehearsal Schedule: Via google meet on Wednesdays (before or after school)

Starting in mid-January 2021