the pine road 5th grade drama club's 21-22 musical is "The Most epic birthday party ever!"

Director: Mrs. Leah Abramson

Musical Director: Mrs. Hillary Eisenman

auditions are on wednesday, october 20, at 8 am or 3:45 pm.

Anyone in 5th grade is welcome to audition on 10/20/21 at either 8 AM or 3:45 PM. Everyone who auditions will be in the show. The auditions are for the director and musical director to figure out who get's what part. To sign up for auditions- your parents must fill out the Enrollment form (Link is below)

Call backs will be on wednesday, november 3 at 3:45 PM.

Some students might get called back to audition a second time so that the directors can double check who get's what part. The list will be posted in the Drama Club Google Classroom. There is a link below for students to join.

the first rehearsal for the whole cast will be on Wednesday, 11/10 at 8 am.

Everyone who is in the show will come to this rehearsal. Students and parents can check the rehearsal schedule (Link below) to figure out which rehearsals they have to come to.

you can find more details and enroll in the 5th grade drama club with this link!

The rehearsal Schedule for the year can be found HERE

Drama club members can join "The Most epic birthday party" google classroom by clicking this link!